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Terms and Conditions of Use

Please access and browse our Website only if you agree that you comply with terms and conditions of use stated below and that you are bound by relevant laws and regulations.

1. Scope of use

Unless otherwise stipulated, our company or its affiliated companies owns or has the right to post all information contained on this Website. You are free to browse all contents (including images, audio and texts) on this Website. However, without the prior written consent of our company, you are prohibited from using (including, but not limited to, reproducing, distributing, altering, publicly transmitting, re-using and transferring) any information herein contained by any method and for any purpose. Please be advised that the use of any information herein contained without the consent of our company may violate the copyright law or the trademark law or infringe upon our portrait rights or privacy or those of others. However, you are permitted to download some of the information herein contained, only if such download is for personal, non-profit and home use of such information. Even in such a case, our company does not warrant that the use of any information herein contained by you does not infringe upon rights of any third party.

2. Use of trademarks and similar marks

All names, trademarks, logos, and other similar marks contained on this Website are property of or licensed to our company or its affiliated companies. On this site, no license to use any of these trademarks and other marks is granted to any of our customers. Without the prior written consent of our company or licensor (in the case where the information is posed under a license granted to our company), or unless expressly permitted to use such information under these terms and conditions of use, any illegal use of trademarks and other marks or any other information herein contained is strictly prohibited.

3. No warranty

Our company makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information herein contained including prognostic information is correct and updated. However, our company makes no warranty as to the completeness of the information, nor does it assume any liability for any damages arising from any error or omission in or of the information. In particular, it is hereby expressly stated that the prognostic information may be significantly different from the actual performance or occurrence due to various factors.
Furthermore, the information herein contained is provided without any warranty, whether express or implied, as to fitness for particular purpose, merchantability or non-infringement whatsoever.

4. Disclaimer

You use or access this Website at your own risk (self-responsibility), and in no event shall our company or persons involved in the production or distribution of this Website be held liable for any damages (including, but not limited to, damages to your computers and network systems, whether direct or indirect) and repair costs for such damages arising from your access to or use of this Website or information herein contained.

5. Linked site

Our company does not verify any website linked to or from this Website that is administered by any third party. Our company assumes no liability for any damages arising from any information contained in any of such linked sites or your use thereof. Any linkage from this Website to any site administered by a third party does not indicate that our company warrants any product or service provided by the linked site, and no information therein contained is warranted or verified by our company.

6. Provision of information by customers

Any text, proposal, information, or any other item provided by you on this Website that does not include your personal information is treated as non-confidential general information. Any person who provides such information hereby agrees in advance that our company and its affiliated companies are permitted to use such information freely, and warrants that the use of such information does not and will not infringe upon any right of any third party.


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