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Guide On Insects

Of all the insects that cause harm in our daily life, perhaps the most commonly known are the fly and the mosquito. Let’s take this chance to do a bit of research into these two insects.

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  • Insects and Health - Mosquitoes
  • Insects and Health - Flies
  • The Principal Infectious Diseases carried by Harmful Insects
  • Mosquito Protection through Screen Doors

Screen doors allow fresh air into rooms whilst keeping out mosquitoes and flies. Although they have been around for a long time, they are ideally suited to modern, ecologically sound lifestyles. The research undertaken by the Seiki group into the relationship between mosquito behaviour and screen doors is unique in that it has not parallels with any previous research carried out by an academic society. This website introduces part of the Seiki group’s research, as well as information regarding mosquitoes and flies. This information alone should be helpful in bringing about a deeper understanding of harmful insects. Seiki intend to continue their scientific study into harmful incects like mosquitoes, enhancing our quality of life through the development of screen doors. I hope that these screens will be put into use by ecologically-minded future generations.

Professor Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

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