EZ Screen (Lock & Roll Screen)


EZ Screen’s simple yet effective construction means that it is both easy to size and install. Just a single technician’s visit is enough to install this screen.
The synchronized components and parts in this screen allow the use of several operation types, including Single Sliding, Double Sliding, and Roll Up. By choosing from one of many variations, including PVC, aluminium, Face Mount, and Recessed (inside) Mount, this screen can be used with a range of doorways and windows.
Although this screen is both easy to size and install, it has all the functions you could wish for from a screen, including a Lock Adjustment System that allows you to adjust the level of insect protection, and a mesh winding spring adjustment mechanism.


Maximum size(one unit)
Single sliding
W= Up to 1200mm (47 1/4")
H= Up to 2000mm (78 3/4")

Roll up
W= Up to 1200mm (47 1/4")
H= Up to 2000mm (78 3/4")

Double sliding
W= Up to 2400mm (94 1/2")
H= Up to 2000mm (78 3/4")

Face mount/ Recessed (Inside) mount, Indoor side/ Outdoor side, single/ Double

Frames/rails : PVC or Aluminum

Flat Mesh : Fiberglass



It could be a little bit different from the real color.


Installation manual
Drawing (Unit: mm)
  • ・EZ Screen (PDFCAD



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