EZ Screen (Lock & Roll Screen)





The fundamental structure of the EZ screen consists of both long components such as the main components and frames, and other parts. Thanks to the separation of all components and parts, both sizing and screen construction are simple, thus everything from sizing to installation can be done with just one home visit. It is also possible to avoid losses through transport costs.


The interchangeable components and parts in this screen allow construction of several operation types, including Single Sliding, Double Sliding, and Roll Up. As the components and parts can be matched to a variety of mounts, including PVC, aluminium, Face Mounts, and Recessed (inside) Mounts, this screen can be used with a range of doorways and windows apertures


Face mount

Recessed mount

Roll up
(PVC, face mount)

Single Sliding
(PVC, face mount)

Double Sliding
(PVC, face mount)

Single Sliding
Recessed mount)

Easy to Adjust

Adjustable in both width and height for greater versatility.

Spring Adjustment System

Spring Adjuster

With this system, a dial is provided to retract the screen with the force of a spring. The dial can be used to adjust the screen any time, providing an easy way to set to the desired setting.

Lock Adjustment System

Lock Adjuster

This system provides a dial to set the width of the retractable screen to the size of the window/door. When the dial is locked in, tension is applied to the screen to provide a high level of protection against insects even when the wind is blowing.

Reset Mesh Guide (for Face mount only)

Repositions the mesh if displaced, simply retracting the screen into the housing resets the mesh.


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