Monarch Maxi Screen

Adaptable to Large Doors

The Monarch Maxi Screen is made up of multiple panels that can cover a range of large doors.

Flexible Operation

Each panel can be moved separately or can be connected using connecting parts.

Innovative Design for Maximum Insect
Protection and Unrestricted Entry


The Wire Tension Systems implifies even extension and retraction of the screen. Tension in the wires strung in the screen and frame allow easy operation at any point along the sliding bar. For tall people and short children, screen operations are made stress-free.

Barrier Free, Retractable System

This revolutionary technology provides both a high level of insect-proofing as well as unimpeded entry. The Retracting Mesh Guide slides out of the vertical frame only when a screen is in use to ensure the screen alignment is correct, providing a high level of protection from insects even when the wind is blowing.

High Insect-Proof

Butterfly Cord Hook

The Butterfly Cord Hooks hold the wires which penetrate the mesh horizontally allowing it to not run off the Retracting Mesh Guide even in windy condition.

Easy Installation

Screen panels

Insert panels

Insert Hole caps

Monarch Maxi Screen panels are easy to install. After installing the top and bottom rail and catching frames onto the door frame, only insertion of the panels into the top rail is required.

Replacement Mesh Cartridge

Instead of replacing a whole panel, make use of our Replacement Mesh Cartridges. Replacing the mesh is easy since it is already set onto the Fixing Plate. When ordering, just let us know the “lot number” written on the top rail.


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