Monarch Plus System

Compact and Decorative, Pleated Mesh

Polyester pleated mesh is compact and clearly visible when the screen in use. When in use, the screen unfurls like a butterfly's wings. The screen can be packed down to a highly compact form for storage.

Easy and Safety Operation

Our Wire Tension System realizes the ideal operation of Pleated Mesh Screen products.
The Monarch Plus Screen has no spring in its inside. The movement of the Mesh is completely according to your operation of the Sliding Bar. Manipulate the Sliding Bar to the right or the Left, the Mesh expands or be folded. This means the Monarch Plus Screen is well pinch-proofed product.
And to operate the Sliding Bar, you will be not required great strength. Even if one of your hands are occupied with luggage you will be able to operate the Sliding Bar smooth and easily.

Innovative Design for Maximum Insect
Protection and Unrestricted Entry

This revolutionary technology provides both a high level of insect-proofing as well as unimpeded entry. The Retracting Mesh Guide slides out of the vertical frame only when a screen is in use to ensure the screen alignment is correct, providing a high level of protection from insects even when the wind is blowing

  • Unrestricted entry
  • Good wheelchair access
  • Not obstructive for the cleaning

High Insect-Proof

Butterfly Cord Hook

The Butterfly Cord Hooks hold the wires which penetrate the mesh horizontally allowing it to not run off the Retracting Mesh Guide even in windy condition.


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