Monarch Screen (Touch & Please)

Compact and Decorative, Pleated Mesh

Polyester pleated mesh is compact and clearly visible when the screen in use. When in use, the screen unfurls like a butterfly's wings. The screen can be packed down to a highly compact form for storage.

Easy Operation

The One Touch Latch System retracts the screen with a single touch of the latch. Convenient when returning home carrying groceries or anything else, the screen retracts to allow passage through the door. An innovative system created from the viewpoint of the user.

High Insect-Proof

Counterweight system

Our Counterweight system keeps the mesh in proper position by maintaining tension in the wires, repelling insects even in windy condition.

Size to Adjust

The height and width of the unit can be adjusted by cutting the components. (max in height : 10cm). Plus, it’s reversible, enabling left or right door installation.

Double Door Link Kit

The Double Door Link Kit (sold separately) converts two single screens into a double screen application to accommdate double doors.

Replacement Mesh Cartridge

Replacement Mesh Cartridges are available. You can change the mesh easily if it becomes damaged.


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