Vista Plus Screen (EZ Roll Entry)

Innovative design for maximum insect
protection and Unrestricted entry

This revolutionary technology provides both a high level of insect-proofing as well as unimpeded entry. The Retracting Mesh Guide slides out of the vertical frame only when a screen is in use to ensure the screen alignment is correct, providing a high level of protection from insects even when the wind is blowing.

  • Unrestricted entry
  • Good wheelchair access
  • Not obstructive for the cleaning

Easy Operation

One Touch Latch

The One Touch Latch System retracts the screen with a single touch of the latch. Convenient when returning home carrying groceries or anything else, the screen retracts to allow passage through the door. An innovative system created from the viewpoint of the user.

Spring Adjustment System

With this system, a dial is provided to retract the screen with the force of a spring. The dial can be used to adjust the screen any time, providing an easy way to set to the desired setting.

Spring Adjuster

Lock Adjustment System

Lock Adjuster

This system provides a dial to set the width of the retractable screen to the size of the openings. When the dial is locked in, tension is applied to the screen to provide a high level of protection against insects even when the wind is blowing.

Suits a variety of door styles and sizes

Our versatile screen system accommodates inswinging, outswinging, single, and double doors. Using the corresponding Bottom Rail from 2 kinds of Rails, VISTA Plus screen will suit both indoorside installation and outdoorside installation.

Easy to Adjust

The height and width of the unit can be adjusted by cutting the components.

Double Door Link Kit

Use the Double Door Link Kit (sold separately) to install the Vista Plus Screen onto double doors. Two individual screens (one right and one left) and a Double Door Link Kit will be required for installation.

Replacement Mesh Cartridge

Replacement Mesh Cartridges are available. You can change the mesh easily if it becomes damaged.


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