Vista Screen


All-in-One Handle

The All-in-One Handle is a compact Pinch proof system that integrates the Screen Housing storing the mesh and the operating handle.
The Housing and the Handle required separately in conventional products are integrated into a single unit to save. As a result, the user’s fingers are not pinched between these parts, making this screen safe for all ages.

High Insect Protection

Tension Gear

Tension Gear Bracket

Tension Gear System

The Tension Gear system provides pinion meshing to protect against insects. A pinion at the top of the screen housing and All-in-One Handle engages a rack in the top rail to maintain tension in the screen even when wind is blowing. Because a powerful spring is not needed to pull the mesh taut, the system is safe and easy to open and close.

Highly Versatile

The Vista Screen can accommodate many door situations, by the use of unique 2 kinds of Bottom Rails.

Easy to Adjust

The height and width of the unit can be adjusted by cutting the components

Double Door Link Kit

Use the Double Door Link Kit (sold separately) to install the Vista Screen onto double doors. Two individual screens (one right and one left) and a Double Door Link Kit will be required for installation.

Replacement Mesh Cartridge

Replacement Mesh Cartridges are available. You can change the mesh easily if it becomes damaged.


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